"Tradition through Generations"
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House of KKB the umbrella company holding several flagship brands like Baarun, KKB, and Arko is the leading distributor of authentic apparel for men and women. The sixty year old brand has its base set up in the emerging southern city – Erode, with its distribution happening across Southern India.

Mr.K K Baluswamy possessed the talent of a craftsman with the skill of a manager. Under his leadership Baluswamy & Co. became a hub to buy printed lungies. Started in 1961, the business witnessed fair share of challenges but despite that Mr. Baluswamy carved a name for himself and his passion to sell Lungies par excellence.

Over the years the business has witnessed huge success and caters to different types of clothing’s for men, women & kids. Tradition through Generation remains the motto of the company. Therefore to stay abreast with the changing styles and the need to meet the demands of all generations rebranding the business name became essential.


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